indexLooking for a Facebook Moderator/Administrator for Our Club


As a moderator, you aid in the creation, curation and management of content published to Facebook to ensure coverage. You will monitor discussions on Facebook and respond in a timely fashion. You'll also work with club officers/page administrator to resolve editorial issues as well as working to ensure engagement across social platforms. Your posts keep the group members informed and discussions on track.


As an administrator, you can post content and reply to posts made by other members. If you enabled membership approval for the CNY Wellesley Facebook group, you and other admins have the final say over requests to join the group. Even if other members of the group add their friends, they only become members after you approve. Group admins can appoint additional admins to assist with the duties. You can appoint any member of the group as an admin, which gives the member the same privileges as you have. Group admins also have control over the settings. You can set the privacy level and membership approval. To help people find the group, you can enter descriptive keywords in the tags section. You'll also work with club officers/page moderator to resolve issues and ensure engagement across social platforms.

If you're interested in volunteering for one of these positions, please contact Fran, Leslie, Lib or Carolyn.